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About Advantage Swing

Advantage Swing offers you three different weight options to meet your warm up and training needs.

The device is designed to attach quickly and securely to the strings of your racket.

The positive attachment protects the strings and while keeping the unit from moving during practice.

Choose one or more of the swing weights to achieve the different training requirements you desire.

Champ 5 oz. Weight Trainer

Light and quick

  • Meets the needs of beginner to advanced players by providing a 5 oz. weight
  • Use it to warm up
  • Practice your baseline stroke or improve the snap in your serve
  • Great training aid for coaches and teams

The CHAMP provides a perfect option for juniors, women, seniors or any players who desires a lighter weight option.

Click here to purchase this product.

Varsity 8 oz. and Ace 10 oz. Weight Trainers

  • Weight training for active players
  • These weights that can be attached to any location on a racket
  • Used for warming up, muscle memory, and training

It is an excellent choice for tennis players desiring moderate weight.

Click here to purchase the Varsity 8 oz. Trainer

Click here to purchase the Ace 10 oz. Trainer

Pro 14 oz. Weight Trainer

The 14 oz. weight designed for advanced players.

  • This product will build strength and endurance for the players whose games deserves the ADVANTAGE!
  • Great for the player who likes to warm up by swinging two rackets

Click here to purchase the Pro 14 oz. Weight Trainer.

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